• torah stitch by stitch typesetting

    The nature of my involvement in this project has changed for the better. Putting my graphic design skills to use, I am now one of 3 typesetters for the project, and will be creating the diagrams which participants receive upon signup. I consider this to be a great honor and am privileged to have found a way to […]

  • torah stitch by stitch

    This post should explain the images I’ve been posting on Instagram tagged with #torahstitchbystitch. I am part of the Torah Stitch by Stitch project, a global effort to create a cross-stitch embroidered copy of the Torah (the 5 books of Moses). Posting daily images of my progress keeps me from slacking off and hopefully will […]

  • optophonetic alphabet

    the information below is to serve as an explanation for my proposed guidelines on the creation of a ‘phonetic ideal’ or ‘optophonetic’ alphabet, which I call the optophonetic english alphabet. the general guidelines these guidelines explain the reasoning behind the shapes of the letterforms. the new alphabet must be unicameral.alphabets with more than one symbol […]

  • roman alphabet observation

    I wanted to call this my roman type theory, but it’s just more of an observation of an interesting pattern. maybe after you read this, you’ll look at the alphabet differently, especially if you’re looking at the alphabet with something obstructing your view of most of it…. what is meant here by the roman alphabet […]