Crest is a music and video collaboration between Adriano Capizzi a.k.a. Metunar and me. We decided that a good starting point might be to take something old and unfinished that seemed like it had potential, but was just sort of stuck. I dug out something I had started 20 years ago (the first few seconds …

untitled 0024

this is a little piece which was not part of a larger project. it sounds like it might be a prelude to something larger, but for now it’s just itself.

beyond the wall of sleep

A friend of a friend (Jym Davis) made a movie. ‘Beyond the Wall of Sleep’ was the original title music for the original titles, neither of which are in the final movie. Here is the final version of the titles, sans my music, but with cool music from Kaveh Cohen. This music was rendered with all …


Jeweler by Design is a small, independently / family -owned custom jewelry shop in Moreno Valley. They do great work, which can be seen at the JBD website. JBD wanted music on the site, so I wrote ‘gems,’ in the playlist on this page  (…which is no longer being used). This piece was rendered using Garritan …

vector 74

Vector 74 was going to be a side-scrolling space shooter. I wrote this music to be used for the title screen but never saw any actual work done on the game.