• what to do with useless information?

    During an attempt to get Home DepLowe’s to repair the lawnmower from which I violently extracted the pull string, I experienced a taste of the unusual way humans and our digital overlords have chosen to use computing. The mower was purchased over a year ago, so, no, I did not have a receipt. Somehow knowing…

  • cheap vs cheap as hell

    sorry but I think the only people who will get this are late gen-x parents    

  • the four laws

    Remember the Four Laws. Remember the Order of the Four Laws. This is the Third Law. Never forget the Four Laws. Please note that this list does not include the apocryphal Fifth Law, which states, “There are only Four Laws.”

  • advance backward

    In 1998, I bought a Diamond Rio for $200. My life changed. I could take almost half an hour of high-quality, digital music with me anywhere. I had so much fun creating the ultimate 30-minute playlist every morning. I could walk to class or do shopping listening to music. After a few weeks, I sewed…

  • the dark path of Boggle™

    Here is some advice. Scenario: you’re playing Boggle™ and you’re able to come up with ‘bird.’ Congratulations. You must have read a lot of Highlights as a kid. But wait, what’s that? A suffix…for a noun. ‘-er.’ So now you have ‘birder.’ You have now begun your journey down the dark path of Boggle™, and your…