• cusp


    14 short pieces for traditional and electronic instruments

  • crest


    Crest is a music and video collaboration between Adriano Capizzi a.k.a. Metunar and me. We decided that a good starting point might be to take something old and unfinished that seemed like it had potential, but was just sort of stuck. I dug out something I had started 20 years ago (the first few seconds […]

  • tile: 6​-​12​-​15​-​24​-​30 (x3)

    tile: 6​-​12​-​15​-​24​-​30 (x3)

    straight up permutative counterpoint

  • knot: legend three

    knot: legend three

    15 movement instrumental journey for chamber ensemble

  • hail


    HAIL is a quartet for double bass. The five movements make up a cycle of meters, beginning with eight and subsequently losing an eighth note: seven, six, five, and ending up at four (or back at eight, depending on how you look at it). The first movement has all instruments playing arco. One bass in each subsequent movement switches to […]

  • bulb: legend two

    bulb: legend two

    legend two is orchestrated for the following 18 instruments: 01-04, 08-13,15-16, 19-20 are connected, with no pause in between movements.

  • july: legend one

    july: legend one

    Musical accompaniment is now written for many visual formats. Most of these formats (opera, movies, video games) tell a story; the music serves as a backdrop for the story. The aim of the legend musical form (legend in the story-telling sense) is to re-invent this process: if music can be written as a supplementary element […]

  • cube: the seven-sided box

    cube: the seven-sided box

    the poem (or whatever a non-writer like me is allowed to call a bunch of words such as this) was written in 1999 in response to heavy rainfall in bright sunlight. the music was written between 1999-2002. each movements is a side of the box. the sun was shining but there were clouds it came […]