tile: 6​-​12​-​15​-​24​-​30 (x3)

The title of this piece refers to the five groups of repeated motives. The groups are six, twelve, fifteen, twenty-four, and thirty measures long. Each group is made up of a trio of the same instruments (for a total of fifteen instruments). The groups of repeated segments begin at the same time and repeat until their ends line up.

The entire piece is 360 measures long. Each movement is 120 measures long, with a brief pause between movements, and new motives for each player. Around these pauses, the music appears to deconstruct, like the tiles of an offset brick wall without an edge.

Every one in a while, two or more groups share the beginning of a repetition which is accented in the music. Besides these accents and the deconstructions, ten instruments are always playing. The piece is scored for three each of clarinet, organ, vibraphone, piano, and marimba.

The artwork is a visual representation of the piece. The five columns are the five instrument groups and the overlaid rectangles are the length of their respective tessarae.