cube: the seven-sided box

the poem (or whatever a non-writer like me is allowed to call a bunch of words such as this) was written in 1999 in response to heavy rainfall in bright sunlight. the music was written between 1999-2002. each movements is a side of the box.

	the sun was shining
	but there were clouds
	it came down
	and he came down
	I said, 'hey, man, what am I supposed to do with this seven-sided box?'
	I didn't notice what I was saying at first
	so he didn't really tell me
	or maybe I didn't understand
	he wasn't a man, though
	but he didn't really tell me
	so I'm not really sure what the deal is with the seven-sided box
	he said I could use it with friends
	he said if I listened
	he said this is the seven-sided box
'well, I can see that'
	the clouds passed
	and he said you got any friends?
	I just wanted to know what it did
'what's it for?'
	so I said I know people
	but he said, come on, everybody's got friends
'my, what big eyes you have'
	that's not the way it works though
	clouds and sunlight
	not everybody
	he said you must be a friend to somebody
	I just wanted to know
	I tried to listen
	when it came down, sounds could be heard
	some things were clear
	but what was the deal with the seven-sided box?
	there's always a side you can't see, isn't there?
	what is it for?
	huge eyes, I tell you
	he said he had all day
'of course I got friends'
	that's a strange number of sides for a box to have
	he wasn't from around here
	I got a few friends, anyway
	he said he was
'you'll be here for quite a while, won't you?'
	I gotta go get my friends
	he said there's always a side you can't see
	no, but really, I have good friends
	they listen
	not as sunny, but lighter
	and that's not really the way it works, but I think he knew that
	he said here, learn the seven-sided box
	not a man
	he said I could already hear it
	the seven-sided box
'what is it for?'
	listen with your friends
	more light
	listen to your friends
	more light
	it's harder to make a decision when you can't see every side, but I doubt that was the point
	listen lighter
	everybody knows people
	he said you already kind of listen
	the important part really is wanting to listen
	out of the sky, he didn't just walk up to me
	or through the sky
	or from the sky
	the guy was tall

recording info

This piece was scored with Sibelius and rendered using FL Studio Mobile.