negative single twist component (deconstructed print)

This is a slight departure from my idea of doing printed pieces based off of my other artwork. It started off as a pretty straightforward multicolor print, but I got an opportunity to display it in an unusual spot in Relay Ridge’s gallery as a part of a Printmakers Anonymous (Knoxville Chapter) show.

The main idea was first realized with my piece negative single twist components. Since the print was going in a window, I wanted to keep some transparency. And, since this particular window is several inches deep, there was a great chance to play around with substantial depth differences between layers / colors.

As usual, it may be a stretch to call this sculpture. In this case, it may also be a stretch to call it printmaking. But, since it’s 3d and it used silk screening, technically it’s both.

This piece looks much cooler in person. Getting a good photo of something that’s backlit and detailed proved more difficult than I anticipated.