perspective hex

Eight knotted hexagons cover the surface of a cube in a pattern which is identical on each face of the solid.

The cube is positioned so that observing the sculpture from a certain angle makes the presence of a hexagon centered around each vertex more obvious.

One hexagon is emphasized further with silver leaf, which was done after airbrushing the knot pattern on all sides.

the basic unit that appear on all sides of the cube
paper version to test perspective
assembled blank cube before priming
template and masks for lines
masks applied, airbrushing started
mask removal after airbrushing

In order to have a cube propped up on an edge, I needed to build a stand for the piece.

I recessed a mirror below where the sculpture would go because I wanted the viewer to be able to see that all the lines continue around the piece, and that all the faces are identical.

base with inset routed, holes for support drilled
mirror inset

Finally, I made a viewfinder so that someone encountering the piece would know exactly what to do.

sort of pretending the viewport is a wizard’s staff

this goes on the floor in front of the viewport

Here is a video of the piece installed. It’s just not the same with still photos.

One fun thing to watch is people seeing the icon, the viewport, and figuring out what to do.

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