projected isometric tercet knot

This is a double-lined, triple-component knot based on an isometric grid. The rules of knot making are slightly bent with the double line, but half the fun of making your own system is breaking its rules.

one of the 3 components is highlighted here. the implied shape in orange follows the rules, but the red is just along for the ride.

It is “projected” is because its construction uses small wooden dowels to lift the individual pieces above the surface. This lets the viewer see the knot at different angles beyond the surface plane just by moving around. Also, the complexity of the pieces is emphasized by the projected shadows.

The first iteration of this design (below) was purchased after being shown by The Arts & Cultural Alliance.

The final piece was constructed from aromatic cedar framed in walnut.

here are the holes before assembly. this is why I needed a color-coded guide.

Added bonus: to keep everything organized during assembly, I color-coded an illustration of the piece. The colors were all over the place for easy identification, but they looked so cool, I put them on a shirt.

The finished piece teeters on the edge of simplicity and complexity. I like letting the natural patterns of wood do the work for surface treatments.