personal interests / goals

My workplace goal is to expand my knowledge while applying what I know from other spheres in order to come up with the most creative solution. Current personal work includes interactive sound design using PureData, a group of large paintings, and the third in a series of chamber works for small orchestra.

work process / philosophy

Creative Problem Solving

using the Osborn-Parnes model in order to identify problems and come up with the most creative solution


sketching, wire-framing, process diagramming, and creating previews in order to simplify the jump from ideas to implementation


thoughtfully synthesizing different and contradictory goals while working with others, other teams, and other entities

Multi-disciplinary Approach

bridging the gap between visual art and coding, keeping in mind what can give and what is absolutely necessary


maintaining major changes and branches for project and file versions using content versioning whenever possible


using data-based insights to determine behavior patterns which then fuel future phases of design iteration

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