sphere of fifths

The circle of fifths is a music theory model several hundred years old which describes the relationships between diatonic scales. It can be seen as an illustration of infinite chord progressions. Sphere of Fifths uses the idea of infinite knots to represent musical cycles, and uses pentagonal knot designs of varying complexity to bring the music theory model into 3 dimensions. When the light source is changed to different angles, shadows from the opaque parts of the glass combine in complex shadows; the viewer of the piece gets to decide on some of its content by taking this into consideration.

The piece appears to be held together tenuously, the same way a motive in a good piece of music will hold everything together without having to overshadow things. The wood and strings are reminiscent of orchestra instruments. The knots themselves are similarly suggestive, but not directly representative of a circle of fifths diagram.

This piece was donated to the KJDS‘s 2014 fundraising event.

(artwork medium)