surface-tiling curve hex band

This band is a larger version of the one used as the artwork for the surface-tiling curves project (found under the bending / twisting heading).

The structure is composed of twenty-one identical components. Each component traces a segment from the third iteration of a surface-tiling curve. They are joined in a way that preserves unicursality, then twisted and bent into a Listing band. I chose to make the curve go all the way through the metal to make it clear that a surface-tiling curve segment can be applied to a one-sided nonorientable surface.

On a clear day, the sun makes projections just blurry enough to give the appearance of unbroken, knocked out lines. If the components really did have unbroken (negative) lines, the entire structure would be in two pieces.

The surface is treated with dye oxide. If you don’t know what that is, it involves using a blow torch, which is always fun.

(artwork medium)