tercet knot progression with self-similar encompassment

Self-similarity within structures is always fascinating to me. After creating a knot encompassed in an element of itself (above), I thought it would be nice to also show a progression from the simplest component to a much more complex version of itself which would in turn cycle back to the beginning.

this illustrates the progression seen on the individual pieces

Each of the final pieces changes slightly from the one before it to create the cycle.

notes and to do list in sketchbook

You may be wondering, where did that nice oxidization come from? In my studio, I have a clearly labeled bottle of RUST JUICE for just such an occasion. On properly pickled metal, you can actually see the rust form within seconds.

my metal prep schedule and checklist. mostly because I quickly forget how many times I’ve sprayed something.
the first version was done on galvanized steel, which oxidizes in a different way