• surface-tiling curves

    surface-tiling curves

    semi-technical description and examples of a new way to use space-filling curves

  • kaanp april 2023

    kaanp april 2023

    Probably despite his better judgment, Thomas Zachary has once again invited me to appear on his podcast, The Knoxville Area Artist Networking Platform, a.k.a. the KAANP. Listen as he, cloverfinearts, and I destroy pieces of our own art, practice ephemerality awareness, make fart noises, and discuss Batman. Oh, we talk about art too. For reference,…

  • woven tile hexahedron

    woven tile hexahedron

    Copies of a single metal tile are woven together to form a cube with a concave vertex.

  • Pool of the Black Star album art

    Pool of the Black Star album art

    album art and some extras for guitar duo KillDry

  • unicursal pentad knot

    unicursal pentad knot

    Follow the (implied) line with your eye. The line is unicursal, meaning there’s only one line. At first you might be tempted to assume there are five sections, and of course there are, but the radial symmetry is just a property of this particular line. These are probably the most difficult knots to design because…