KAANP March 2021

Here I am on a podcast talking about art and music. It’s proof that I can ramble on for at least an hour. Thanks to Thomas Zachary for asking me to do this.

The artwork I’m talking the most about can be seen on the Knot Theories page.

Adam's work currently being displayed at the Emporium Center downtown for his "Knot Theory" collection. We sit down to talk about the showing, the over arching themes of the pieces, some of the technical challenges, and of course we talk about mediums, influences and more.We had a fun chat in his driveway in front of his studio, the weather was nice, some bird noises snuck in on me which is cool, I hope you feel like you're chillin in the driveway.You can find him on Instagram @adamrowemusic or on his website https://adamrowe.comhttps://youtu.be/aLzEuMEpenA — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kaanp/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kaanp/support

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