knot theories

an exploration of partial-dimensional geometries

This work was on display during March, 2021 at The Emporium Gallery in downtown Knoxville.

Knots are continuous lines twisted in such a way to give the illusion of lines overlapping in the same plane. Using a formalized system of knot creation, the artwork here represents knots in multiple “in-between” dimensions in three categories, each based on a partial dimension:

  1. unicursal, self-contained lines which appear to overlap on two-dimensional surfaces (unicursal knots)
  2. knots on tiled surface planes of regular polyhedra (metatronic solids)
  3. elements of non-orientable surface segments (listing bands)

Each piece is based around a simple line or shape translated or rotated to create more complexity. Light and shadow are an important element, so artworks appear different in their environment depending on the time of day. The shapes and symbols they create are purely geometry, with no hidden meaning beyond the beauty of intricacy.

quick gallery walkthrough

projected isometric tercet knot

wood (cedar)

18″ square

chatoyant tercet knot

charred wood

20″ x 31.5″

tercet knot progression with self-similar encompassment

oxidized steel

13 pieces, 8″ x 8″ each

metatronic solid face (dodecahedron)

wood (poplar, oak, Vietnamese plywood), anodized aluminum

26″ x 33″

collapsible scale listing band (deconstructed)

wood (walnut), brass

4.5″ x 60″

encompassed unicursal tercet knot

polymethyl methacrylate, steel

21″ square

metatronic solid (tetrahedron)

wood (walnut)

9.798″ tetrahedron

self-intersecting tercet knots with encompassment

charred wood (fir), paper

23″ x 28″

reversed metatronic solid (hexahedron)

polymethyl methacrylate, paint, the last breath of fresh air from 2019

6″ cube

axonometric scale listing band

oxidized steel, wood support (walnut, pine)

36″ diameter

unicursal pentad knot

wood (padauk, board from uncle Ricky’s old barn, mulberry)

16.5″ square

tercet chain knot

wood (walnut), copper

22″ x 24″

triple knot listing band

cold riveted steel (oxidized / blued / waxed)

32″ diameter

The gallery is open Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5 PM. If you would like to meet me there, I’m always glad to walk through and tell you a little bit more about the pieces.