metatronic solid faces

Although the main challenge of creating the metatronic solids was applying knot patterns to regular polyhedra, each face was interesting itself.

The first iteration of the faces was the hexahedron. I thought would be fun to use the face of a hexahedron, a square, to create a cube, but by stacking copies of the face instead of rotating them along their edges.

For the next version I focused on just one face, a triangle from a tetrahedron. I used gold leaf poles to elevate the shape off of the background.

The radial lines in the knot design were emphasized by darker wood in the background.

The dodecahedron face, a pentagon has many more radial lines. They were inlaid with a contrasting wood.

this angle is probably hard to see in real life. it shows the anodized aluminum poles which support the face.

There’s one more of the square / hexahedron. This one was a little more involved, so there’s a separate post devoted to it.