reversed metatronic solid (hexahedron)

The metatronic knot on a solid surface has to be “knocked out,” but is there a way to show the inverse? The not-knot? With an opaque material, not really, but with a translucent medium, not only could you show the knot counter-spaces, but you could view the inside and outside simultaneously.

This piece is best viewed with abundant sharp light such as sunlight.

Sculpture usually has to make a compromise because in anything but zero gravity, it has to rest on something. This means you don’t get to see what’s on the bottom. An artist isn’t likely to put something interesting in a place no one can see. In this case, I wanted to make sure a viewer saw how the knot pattern worked out on all six sides, leaving nothing to doubt.

Something of added interest: the pattern used in metatronic knots works regardless of rotation; any of the faces can be rotated and the knot pattern still works fine.