translucent listing band slice stack

computer rendering of the encased band

Perfectly symmetrical listing bands are difficult to display because of one of those things that bring us all down, like gravity. But, if you could slice one (or really anything that’s hard to balance) up, you could stack the slices and create the illusion of a dimensional solid. The video explains a lot:

The first iteration, shown in this video, is made up of 40 pieces of glass, each with a cross-section of a simple listing band. The mind does its wonderful job of smushing and the illusion of a thing, as opposed to just a stack of lines, appears.

test pieces laid out with shapes painted on

The final piece was 80 10″ x 10″ pieces of Plexiglas (which I learned allows for more optical transmission than glass) each with a different shape painted on its surface. The frame was made from busted Chinese chestnut, which I think contrasts nicely with the pristine precision of stacks of thin lines.

This piece sits outside the main gallery because I wanted it to be an introduction to the rest of the pieces: its design is much simpler but its implementation invites the viewer to look closely to find out what’s really going on.

One thing I find fascinating about this shape is that it is the same as the symbol on the window. I just looks completely different from every angle.