listing band

Listing bands (a.k.a. Möbius strips) are non-orientable surfaces made up of components which repeat in a way that show no beginning or end. The reason this is cool is that it applies a p1 symmetry to a paradromic ring.

But what does listing have to do with anything? Apparently in 1858, Johann Benedict Listing discovered the same properties of a one-sided surface as Möbius did, but didn’t publish his findings. So, 1) to honor his work and 2) to distance my work from what people know about the ever-elusive non-orientable surface, I’m using the term Listing band. (Although now it occurs to me that The Animaniacs were a bit of a Listing band themselves.)

  • triple knot listing band

    triple knot listing band

    three braided knots as a listing band

  • translucent listing band slice stack

    translucent listing band slice stack

    Perfectly symmetrical listing bands are difficult to display because of one of those things that bring us all down, like gravity. But, if you could slice one (or really anything that’s hard to balance) up, you could stack the slices and create the illusion of a dimensional solid. The video explains a lot: The first…

  • collapsible scale listing band (deconstructed)

    collapsible scale listing band (deconstructed)

    deconstructed listing band segment

  • axonometric scale listing band

    axonometric scale listing band

    the question Is there a shape, which when repeated, can create a Mobius strip? Yep, there is. Really all you have to do is chop up a strip into squares, however many pieces you want and there you go, done. That was easy. Maybe I’m not asking the right question. the better question Is there…