knot theories II

the development of partial-dimensional geometries

This collection of artworks further explores the use of repeated, simple shapes and lines translated or rotated to create complexity in a knot design. Each piece is based on a component, shown on the respective artwork posts.

A variety of techniques and media were used to bring the designs to life. The shapes and symbols they create are purely geometry, with no hidden meaning beyond the beauty of intricacy.

All work in this collection was created for and displayed at the Schwarzbart Gallery during January of 2022.

tri angle polygonal knot
Patty ink, gold, encaustic medium
14″ square

metatronic solid (hexahedron)
6-3/4″ cube

layered multi polygon knot
glass, etched glass, paint
14½” square x 4” deep

tri unknot
aluminum, paint
20½” ø

lattice tile
maple, poplar
12½” square

scale tile listing band
steel, paint, twine
18” ø Listing Band

tile hexahedron
acid etched steel, paint
6½” cube

unicursal hex knot
paper, charred fir
10″ square

knot tiling triangle-faced polyhedra
paper, paint, brass
4.9” ø tetrahedron, 5.7” ø octahedron, 7.6” ø icosahedron

tri unicursal knot
walnut, copper
5.2” ø truncated tetrahedron