layered multi polygon knot

A group of three similar polygons rotate to form a knot. Multiple glass layers show colors, the knot itself, and a faint outline.

As a test, I made a small version with some glass squares I had left over from another test piece. The goal was to create different layers for each of the colors, the black line, and a frosted outline of the whole thing.

The repeated component in this piece had specific colors with it. The idea was to have overlapping layers of transparency in the color. Part of this piece was experimenting with knot lines on an axonometric grid.

The maquette was made with inkjet printing on acetate. It doesn’t look terrible, but I wanted the whole piece to be much larger. This was more for concept than anything, just to see if it might look cool. And it does! But it’s just a stack of loose glass.

The final piece has a frame, I used paint for the colors, vinyl for the black, and etched the glass for the…etched glass part. It ended up being the white background plus 3 layers of glass which fit in slots in the frame.