• crest


    Crest is a music and video collaboration between Adriano Capizzi a.k.a. Metunar and me. We decided that a good starting point might be to take something old and unfinished that seemed like it had potential, but was just sort of stuck. I dug out something I had started 20 years ago (the first few seconds […]

  • knot: legend three

    knot: legend three

    15 movement instrumental journey for chamber ensemble

  • bulb: legend two

    bulb: legend two

    legend two is orchestrated for the following 18 instruments: 01-04, 08-13,15-16, 19-20 are connected, with no pause in between movements.

  • july: legend one

    july: legend one

    Musical accompaniment is now written for many visual formats. Most of these formats (opera, movies, video games) tell a story; the music serves as a backdrop for the story. The aim of the legend musical form (legend in the story-telling sense) is to re-invent this process: if music can be written as a supplementary element […]