knot theories III

  • isometric hex knot

    isometric hex knot

    After designing this one, I wanted to go bigger than I have before. I printed the knot out on one large piece of paper so the alignment wouldn’t be dependent on my ability to tape tiled sheets of paper together. Then I needed a giant hexagon for it to go on. After planing some boards…

  • unicursal polygonal tercet

    unicursal polygonal tercet

    Stippled paint creates a unicursal knot design. The aggregation of dots suggests straight lines not present in the artwork. Doubling the individual segments of the knot design does not disrupt the over / under pattern. This single component is connected end to end with two rotated copies to create the knot.

  • unicursal spiral tercet

    unicursal spiral tercet

    The design is an experiment in using spirals in combination with radial symmetry to produce a unicursal knot. Usually I base knot designs like this off of circles and polygons, so this was a new challenge. I originally used this design for some cut paper stationery, shown here. Wanting to take things up a notch,…