• hail album art

    hail album art

    a variety of album art treatments for my own music

  • oldfield: return to ommadawn

    oldfield: return to ommadawn

    I can’t imagine wanting to stop listening to this over and over again any time soon. If you’re new to Mike Oldfield, this is an ideal gateway album. That needs to be stated, because just picking up one album at random may not turn you into a fan. It also wouldn’t be representative of his work.…

  • what to do with useless information?

    During an attempt to get Home DepLowe’s to repair the lawnmower from which I violently extracted the pull string, I experienced a taste of the unusual way humans and our digital overlords have chosen to use computing. The mower was purchased over a year ago, so, no, I did not have a receipt. Somehow knowing…

  • current definition of art

    current definition of art

    components of an artwork A work of art has been fully realized when an artist actively participates in the actions of creating, shaping, and framing. When only one or two actions have been done, this only means that the artwork is not as fully realized as it could be. creating Since ideas can exist independently of…

  • cheap vs cheap as hell

    sorry but I think the only people who will get this are late gen-x parents    

  • hauschka: abandoned city

    hauschka: abandoned city

    Google Play sez, at the time of this typing, that I have listened to this entire album 17 times in the few days I have known about it (my thought is that it missed about 20 other listenings but who knows). Obviously, I am a fan. This is what I call music! Of course I…

  • sphere of fifths

    sphere of fifths

    layers of glass projecting shadows

  • beck: morning phase

    beck: morning phase

    comments, track by track First off, my second favorite track is  the 39 second ‘intro’ track Cycle. What can I say; I got pretty pumped up (during all of those 39 seconds) about where this was going. Now that I’ve listened to the album several times, it’s hard to say why it’s even there. Just…

  • illumination 2014

    illumination 2014

    circular piece with a lot of writing

  • proof


    art as a container for art

  • recursive antecedent quick response code experiment
  • the four laws

    Remember the Four Laws. Remember the Order of the Four Laws. This is the Third Law. Never forget the Four Laws. Please note that this list does not include the apocryphal Fifth Law, which states, “There are only Four Laws.”

  • martian / alien painting

    martian / alien painting

    a painting full of nostalgia

  • time-based HSB color values

    My interest in time-based color values came from reading about the concept of chromo°. Picking a point from the HSB color model proved more complicated than I originally thought. Ben Bryant helped me do the hard math parts to figure this one out, so special thanks to him. See the Pen time-based HSB by adam…

  • my name

    my name

    Below are real life implementations of a logotype of my first name. The first version of this was created when I was in middle school, c.1990. After taking art more seriously, or at least doing more art, I have been in search of a symbol or mark which represents me. I returned to a version…

  • advance backward

    In 1998, I bought a Diamond Rio for $200. My life changed. I could take almost half an hour of high-quality, digital music with me anywhere. I had so much fun creating the ultimate 30-minute playlist every morning. I could walk to class or do shopping listening to music. After a few weeks, I sewed…

  • roman alphabet observation

    I wanted to call this my roman type theory, but it’s just more of an observation of an interesting pattern. Maybe after you read this, you’ll look at the alphabet differently, especially if you’re looking at the alphabet with something obstructing your view of most of it…. What I mean here by the roman alphabet…

  • the dark path of Boggle™

    Here is some advice. Scenario: you’re playing Boggle™ and you’re able to come up with ‘bird.’ Congratulations. You must have read a lot of Highlights as a kid. But wait, what’s that? A suffix…for a noun. ‘-er.’ So now you have ‘birder.’ You have now begun your journey down the dark path of Boggle™, and your…

  • cube: the seven-sided box

    cube: the seven-sided box

    7 movements for traditional and electronic instruments

  • bulb: legend two

    bulb: legend two

    36 movements for 18 instruments

  • hail


    double bass quartet in 5 movements

  • july: legend one

    july: legend one

    the first work in the “legend” form, for chamber ensemble