tile hexahedron

A cube or rectangular solid of any size can be created from any multiple of this component. This one uses 24 components and makes a cube. It’s always a little hard to tell what you’re looking at with sculptures, so this video shows multiple angles:

scale tile listing band

Twenty-three identical scales are tied together in a continuous loop representing a non-orientable surface. A pattern of accented hexagons covers interlocking segments which twist and bend in an infinite knot. This band is smaller than others I have done so far, so it is self-supporting and can be displayed resting on a surface or suspended …

tri spiral unicursal knot

The design is an experiment in using spirals in combination with radial symmetry to produce a unicursal knot. Usually I base knot designs like this off of circles and polygons, so this was a new challenge. I originally used this design for some cut paper stationery, shown here. Wanting to take things up a notch, …

KAANP March 2021

Here I am on a podcast talking about art and music. It’s proof that I can ramble on for at least an hour. Thanks to Thomas Zachary for asking me to do this. The artwork I’m talking the most about can be seen on the Knot Theories page.

MWS 2021 Submissions

unicursal tri spiral knot 39″ diameter x 3/4″ thick chestnut background with mahogany design and ipe frame metatronic solid – hexahedron 6-3/4″ cube poplar – a single tile giving the illusion of 4 overlapping lines over a solid’s faces unicursal isometric knot (hexagon) 37″ outside diameter x 1″ thick walnut with copper inlay

Visual Art Samples for GSMNP AIR Application

Click on photos for high resolution images. View more information on each piece by following links on underlined titles. metatronic solid face (dodecahedron) wood (poplar, oak, Vietnamese plywood), anodized aluminum 26″ x 33″ metatronic solid (tetrahedron) wood (walnut) 9.798″ tetrahedron

knot theories

an exploration of partial-dimensional geometries This work was on display during March, 2021 at The Emporium Gallery in downtown Knoxville. Here is a brief explanation of the show: Knots are continuous lines twisted in such a way to give the illusion of lines overlapping in the same plane. Using a formalized system of knot creation, …